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Fair Liquidity Provisioning


A MEV Minimization solution to survive the Dark Forest

Ordered privacy

Transaction ordering is not revealed unless it is determined and unalterable. No one, including hosting nodes, will know the ordering before it is decided.

Gasless Transactions

Users can pay gas fee directly in the tokens to be swapped. Native tokens are no longer required when users are swapping tokens frequently. 

Chain Agnostic

XATA provides multi-chain support for anti-front-running across various blockchains in the ecosystem. This includes Polygon Network and Binance Smart Chain.

No 3rd party involvement

As an independent solution, XATA does not require any additional miner bribe nor any prior modification on miners' part to function.



Anti-front-running zone

XATA creates a front-running-free zone by  arranging transactions in a determined order.


 Users can view the amount of tokens saved from front-running, a direct and tangible effect of MEV protection. 



It is impossible for malicious actors to inject new transactions into XATA's output due to signature mismatch.

It is not possible to delete ordered transactions either,  as transactions are broadcasted throughout the network.


Fair Trading Flow

XATA is the very first liquidity provisioning protocol protected by Automata Network's  Conveyor, which eliminates  potential leakages from bots and miners.

Users enjoy fair trading and contribute to fair trading flow with XATA


Competitive DeFi

As a stand-alone protocol, XATA does not require any additional miner bribe nor  modification.

DEXes share users and volume in a constructive manner, and such healthy competition pushes the boundary for DeFi.


The fairest way to protect your transactions across multiple chains

With crypto volume picking up at an incredible pace, XATA is a new weapon in reassembling a new world order predicated on provable fairness. Its effective use of privacy will release DeFi without holding back innovation.

Keld van Schreven

Managing Director and Co-Founder of KR1

© 2022 | XATA

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